How to Create a Pivot Table in Google Sheets?


With Google Sheet, you can easily summarize a large amount of data into lists and tables without writing a single formula. Pivot table can help you in presenting your data in a more convenient and understandable form.

Analyzing a large data set can be really confusing and tiresome. Fortunately, Pivot Tables are a perfect solution for such a task.

This article is intended not only for those who are just starting to use pivot tables in Google Sheets, but also for those who want to do it more efficiently.

They can help you find some meaning in your data and get a better understanding of it. Moreover, you can present data in an understandable form.

How to create a pivot table in Google spreadsheets?

Open Google Sheets and locate the spreadsheet that contains the data you want to analyze.

Select the cells with the data you want to use

Highlight all the data which you will use for creating your pivot table. In the menu, click Data and then Pivot table:

pivot table

Now you have a Report Editor window located to the right. Here you can customize what information you want to see and analyze in your Pivot table.


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